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Wireless Innovation

The wireless nurse call solution is inherently reliable and robust and is the preferred solution for Bupa in the UK for their entire “Mission Critical” infrastructure as it does not rely on any IP network to function and is not dependent upon a continuous power supply. In areas where power interruption is prevalent you can be assured residents remain protected during periods of power failure.

Hospitals and Aged Care are trying to address the staffing shortage with better working conditions, more flexible scheduling and higher salaries. But it is also necessary to reduce the time the team spend on administration, paperwork and other indirect tasks-and to increase the time they spend at their patients’ bedside.

No single solution will immediately improve staff recruitment and retention. However, better communications and easier access to relevant information can go a long way to addressing the issues that have aggravated the nursing shortage. Advanced nurse call systems provide the tools enabling performance improvement initiatives.

Care Management and Information Systems provide significant workflow productivity tools and benefits. Wireless telephony further supports the resident safety initiative of the named nurse, providing up to 50% efficiency dividends for each nurse or care giver for each shift.

Accompanying the workflow and efficiency dividends from the Care Management and Information System it provides significant benefits from improved Quality Assurance and resident safety. This is specially enabled by associating the efficiency dividend with more time for carers to spend with residents doing what they are trained to do – giving care.

The benefits of logging and recording resident / carer interactions enable care givers from the next shift to quickly check automated events which occurred during previous shifts providing enhancements to safety and quality assurance. Additionally this data augments resident electronic records without staff having to spend more care time documenting events. This type of data collection enables rich data mining, business intelligence and other reporting and forecasting tools to care givers and managers.

Tellen addresses the key issues and challenges faced by hospitals and aged care facilities today providing improvements to:

  • Resident safety
  • QA and compliance
  • Compliance reporting
  • Simplified patient dependency and staff ratio management
  • Clinician workflow productivity
  • Measure service delivery and response times
  • Customisable reporting
  • Ward Management System.

These efficiencies and improvements go some way to help managers control their operational budgets and meet government and private facility owners’ demands to control spiralling health costs.

Tellen wireless nurse call

Product specification
Provide and install a wireless nurse call system for visual and audible annunciation calls from resident rooms and common areas with mobile pagers and coverage of the nominated areas.

Call Points

  • Have four clearly marked buttons that provide Call, Attendance/Assistance, Emergency and Reset.
  • Colour coded for easy identification.
  • Call Points are built to withstand the demands of the care environment.

Pear Push Heads

  • Sealed extendible lead.
  • Comes as a single button for patient calls or a two-button version which also operates the bedside light.


  • Lightweight neck pendant, soft neck cord with built in easy release clip for safety.
  • Can be programmed to transmit after a call assistance or emergency, depending on situation of use.


  • Visual Display Units.
  • As multiple calls or alarms are active the displays shall cycle and/or prioritise messages depending on call type.


  • The system can have sounders audible throughout the building.

Server, Master Controller or Head-End

  • Is network capable for remote support and monitoring service.
  • Shall operate independently of any staff PC.

The system has the capability to log all alarm activations and message history and allow for reports to be compiled as required that will allow analysis and auditing of the data as required.

The system allows remote messaging to annunciators and pagers.

The system has the capability to interface with paging, fire alarm, door security as well as DECT and Wi-Fi systems  and delivers activations and messages to end user devices such as annunciators and pagers via the Tellen Interface Controller.

The system is capable of expanding to 999 call points without the need to change or upgrade the master controller or head-end. A significant number of additional systems such as access control and temperature monitoring of refrigerators can be easily added to the system.

Battery Backup
The call points and room controllers can be powered by individual batteries. Battery power levels are monitored and a notification  sent to the main system once the battery drops below a pre-defined level.

The wireless nature of the system means that installation is much simpler than legacy systems and does not require expensive cabling. Call points can be installed in a matter of minutes by a maintenance team and can be conveniently located and relocated throughout a room.

System Failure Notification
The system can be remotely monitored and any system shut downs or failures are recognisable via remote monitoring.

System Configuration and Monitoring
Nurse assist and patient call alerts may only be cancelled from point of origin.

Remote management, monitoring and reporting are available via WAN connectivity.

The configuration for workflow, call distribution and escalations  can be figured to meet any facilities individual standards of performance ensuring statutory compliance and complete resident satisfaction.

Server, Master Controller or Head-End
Is network capable for remote support and monitoring service.
Can operate independently on any staff PC.

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