Stanley Healthcare

Stanley Healthcare has the benefit of size and experience.

Vision for the Future – the most distinguishing advantage of STANLEY Healthcare over its competitors is its ultimate vision. STANLEY Healthcare strives to bring to healthcare institutions one integrated solution system crafted and tailored to their needs, to help them with every aspect of their day-to-day operation, all centered on a user-friendly, intuitive application – the MobileView platform.

What differentiates STANLEY Healthcare from our competitors is our strength of experience, our customer driven innovation, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customers enjoy the long-term confidence of a healthcare visibility solutions and analytics provider that is backed by an $11 billion Fortune 250 company – Stanley Black & Decker

Is over twice the size of any other RTLS competitor in both size and number of deployments. We have extensive experience with the design and implementation of Unified Asset Visibility solutions within the Healthcare vertical market.

Has extensive knowledge of the healthcare environment and application expertise gained from partnering with thousands of hospitals on a range of RTLS solutions: infant & patient security, environmental monitoring and asset management and now patient flow and hand hygiene compliance.

Is very proud to have the largest group of members in its Ecosystem which includes HIS/CIS vendors, medical device vendors, CMMS vendors, reseller partners, infrastructure technology companies, and Hospital Equipment Manufacturers.

Has a customer satisfaction program which regularly surveys all customers and conducts Regional User Group Meetings to share ideas and Best Practices.

In the 2011, 2012, and 2013 evaluations of healthcare providers conducted by KLAS, STANLEY Healthcare was named Best in KLAS for Healthcare RTLS.

STANLEY Healthcare is one of the Top 40 Healthcare Technology companies in North America, and we’re the market-leading provider of patient and resident safety, supply chain and asset management, environmental monitoring, and clinical operations and workflow solutions. We provide over 5,000 acute care hospitals and 12,000 long-term care organizations with enterprise solutions that transform safety, security, and operational efficiency. Over 700 of our world-wide healthcare customers are using the MobileView® platform.

STANLEY Healthcare is built on a foundation of trust. Our parent company, Stanley Black & Decker, is a Fortune 500 organization with a 170-year history of providing consumers with reliable means for solving problems. We bring that same strength to healthcare.

STANLEY Healthcare is the leader in RTLS innovation. Our approach to product innovation is to be a technology company with customer driven applications. That means we focus on creating and improving the technology of Wi-Fi RFID by working closely with our customers to identify what they and in turn the healthcare market would like.

STANLEY Healthcare – Your Complete Solution Provider
Visibility Solution and Analytics Portfolio

STANLEY Healthcare offers the broadest portfolio of Visibility Solutions. With Enterprise Visibility Solutions and Analytics over Wi-Fi, location resolution can be tailored to specific business cases to address a variety of use case requirements

STANLEY Healthcare provides over 5,000 acute care hospitals and 12,000 long-term care organizations with enterprise solutions that transform safety, security and operational efficiency. The STANLEY Healthcare solution set enables customers to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in five critical areas: Patient Safety, Security & Protection, Environmental Monitoring, Clinical Operations & Workflow and Supply Chain & Asset Management. These solutions are complemented by consulting, training, implementation and integration services.

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