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Patient Engagement for Hospital & Aged Care

The full benefits of Patient Engagement solutions are only realized through looking at the underlying workflows.


The benefits of Patient/Clinician engagement have been well documented in the acute care environment. What began as simple patient entertainment to occupy patients has rapidly evolved into Patient Engagement and is fast encompassing Clinical Interaction and Operational Workflow.

Benefits are realized across all areas of the business and in many parts of the overall system and include

  •     Improved patient satisfaction
  •     Better patient outcomes though “activated” patients
  •     Improved staff satisfaction and retention
  •     Reduced fall rates and pressure injuries
  •     Improved/Appropriate responses

Aged Care

An aged care environment offers its own unique challenges with issues such as resident adoption, physical environment and specific workflows. That’s why Tellen offers a range of solutions to the market.

App Based Solution

Tellen offers an app based solution that can retrofitted to most environments. The application is completely hardware and operating system agnostic operating on IOS, Android and Windows devices.

The enterprise deployment is readily configurable through a set of integrations already built in including

  •     Nurse call
  •     TV Entertainment
  •     Resident Communications e.g. Skype
  •     Clinician Communication e.g. Telehealth

User configuration involves a simple download to the preferred device.

The icons are readily interchangeable and can be altered to achieve the required workflow.

Different interfaces can be used based on a residents abilities and can involve a minimal number of icons or a full range.

The solution is fully integrated with a number of RTLS solutions and leverages this existing infrastructure to its maximum potential.

Staff notifications and requests are delivered to the appropriate team members preferred devices e.g. Water request goes to nurse’s aid, and include escalation procedures and audit trails.

The technical benefits include

  •     Ideal for retrofit environments
  •     Ability to “skin” the app to an appropriate level for aged care
  •     Agnostic platform

Whilst the operational and business benefits reflect those of acute care and encompass

  •     Patient Satisfaction Scores
  •     Staff Retention
  •     Cost Savings
  •     Compliance to KPI’

The Cockpit Style Solution

The Siemens cockpit style solution is designed to withstand the most demanding environments in healthcare today.

It is a medical grade device and allows access to

  •     Entertainment
  •     Communications
  •     eMR
  •     Radiology/Pathology results

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