Tellen - RFID Prevent Accidents

A proximity of 5 to 8 metres is set on the scanner unit which will give the driver an alarm when fellow workers encroach within this proximity.


Tellen heavy vehicle and forklift safety systems consists of RFID tags either passive or active (depending on type of equipment and business)being attached to emplyees hard hats or high visibility vests, with a RFID scanner and antenna installed on the vehicle which is wired to a LED flashing light and an audio alarm in the drivers cab.

  • This system can be installed on Bob cats, graders, large trucks, Forklift trucks and works on a 12 volt supply.
  • The Passive system comes in a kit which includes all of the above hardware and 500 passive RFID tags.
  • The Active system also comes in a kit and includes 125 active RFID tags
  • The system is stand alone and can be easily installed.

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