Tellen - GPS Patient Wanderer

Protect patients or residents diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions who are prone to wander form their facility undetected.

When the at-risk patient or resident wearing a lightweight Protrac iD bracelet approaches a monitored exit the Protrac iD system triggers an alarm and temporarily locks the door if required.

Patients and residents are allowed greater mobility and safety within the facility as points of exits are discreetly monitored by the Protrac iD system.

How the 2R5000 System works
A patient bracelet tag transmits a low power radio signal every second or so for the duration of its 3-5 year life. This signal is received by an antenna and decoded by the radio receiver contained within the control unit. An alert/alarm is triggered when a valid tag is detected that is within range of the antenna depending on the alarm options that are preselected.

Doors can be locked if required and will remain locked until the tag signal is no longer being received i.e. when the patient moves away from the monitored zone. The detection range can be adjusted if required to cater for different size doors, corridors or specific areas.

The radio signal from a tag will pass through most non-metallic materials including plaster walls and ceilings, brick, glass and timber, allowing the antenna to be concealed above a ceiling or behind a wall.

Protrac iD 2R5000 Patient Wanderer Alert System offers unique features:

  • Stand Alone System for indoors or outdoors.
  • Adjustable Detection Range – caters for any size door, corridor or gate.
  • Battery Tag Life 3-5 years irrespective of use.
  • Reduce Cost reduces the need for continuous staff supervision – improves security.
  • Lightweight, waterproof reusable tags attached using standard Hospital iD wristbands or wrist strap of your choice.
  • Relay Contacts for alarm outputs, door lock, DECT phones, Nurse Call Systems, visual and audible alarms and Access Control.
  • Simple installation by technicians or electricians.


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