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Tellen recommend the Merlon IP 7100 Nurse Call System as being the ideal solution. The Merlon IP7100 is an IP system that seamlessly integrates with most other communications platforms. Being an IP system most of the devices are simply connected via Category 5/6 cabling. Maintenance requirements are at a minimum as the field devices go back to managed switches, no distribution modules required in-between. The Merlon system has proven itself to be a reliable and very stable platform and is at present operational in many New Zealand and Australian Hospitals and Aged Care facilities.

Tellen Systems and Hills Health Solutions has brought together the patient care expertise and integrating these into a single health – Technology platform.

Server, Master Controller and Software

  • IP Nurse Call system connected to managed POE switches
  • Real Time Dashboard information
  • Call Location Information
  • Reports on calls, peak-use, facility KPI metric, test and system status


  • Visual display units with audio which can be deactivated or volume controlled
  • As multiple calls or alarms are active the displays shall cycle and/or prioritise messages depending on call type.
  • Annunciators are in the form of 22” LCD displays, 8 or 13 character LED displays, double or single sided.

Dementia Profiling

  • Discreet, low profile appearance lends nicely with installation surface
  • Passive infrared motion detection affords immunity to false triggering
  • Fully digital circuitry for low cost and high reliability
  • Detects and notifies of out of bed, out of room and bathroom entry

Interfacing Services, Patient Engagement  and Messaging

  • Detects and notifies of out of bed, out of room and bathroom entry

Nurse Call Points

Audio and Visual Devices


  • The system is capable of future expansion without the need to change or upgrade the master controller or head-end.

System Failure Notification 

  • Any system shut downs or failures should be recognisable via remote monitoring.

System Configuration and Monitoring

  • Nurse assist and patient call alerts may only be cancelled from point of origin.
  • Remote management, monitoring and reporting to be available via WAN connectivity.


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