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Multitone can offer a flexible auditing system which will allow you to accurately report on the activities and incidents between people, machinery and processes.
Multitone i-Message puts you in control of what technologies and communications types you require and where.

Multitone i-Message takes systems already in place and allows your future plans to be incorporated as part of one integral system.

A secure system for growth and development
In today’s environment all organisations need to balance their communication and security needs with their budgets and the technology available to them. Purchasing technology that allows for expansion, enhancement and the development of future requirements is difficult. Changes in technology are becoming more and more rapid so how does any organisation know what technology it should invest in and for how long should that investment last?

To ease this conundrum, Multitone Electronics has developed, Multitone i-Message, our communications and control platform. This has been specifically designed to integrate with your current in-house systems and numerous other technologies giving you and your organisation more control, reliability, functionality and visibility; all combined with the opportunity for future strategic development when you need it.

Working with a range of tools
All organisations have a range of communication needs, from the critical communications, which requires immediate action with limited dialogue, to the less intense and more organisational activities, such as contacting porters or catering staff. Different levels of staff have differing communication needs.

Strong and reliable communication is crucial to the success of organisations. The communication system should allow you to focus on the job in hand, and not the technology it utilises. Simplicity for the user is pivotal to the success of any communication plan.

Multitone i-Message is a person to person, device to device communication system. Through programmed schedules, reminders can be programmed to allow regular activities to be performed on time. Users can enter their daily working schedule so their preferred device is contactable at specific times, allowing the device to change throughout the day depending on users’ daily schedule.

Delivering certainty
Ensuring that the right message gets through is important. You and your team need to know that, in the event of an emergency, the right people are contacted and the correct instructions are given, received and actioned. Knowing that a request for support has been sent is only half the story, you need to know that the situation is being handled in the best way possible. Multitone i-Message will ensure that the right person is contacted. If unusual circumstances arise and that person does not respond, or is unable to respond, then Multitone i-Message will find an alternative contact and / or communication device.

Upgrading and modularity
Being able to update all of your systems to take advantage of the latest technology is not always feasible or cost effective, however Multitone i-Message ensures that you can merge your existing systems with new technologies as and when you budgets or strategies allow. Multitone enables you to bring together all of your communication requirements and build them into a resilient platform that grows with you.

Working without boundaries
Many hospitals have multiple sites and buildings, all of which need to be monitored. Multitone i-Message builds up a uniform communication platform that works across separate sites, global or local, depending upon what is required.

Achieving more and working with differing technologies
Being able to combine all of your communication systems and devices into one overall platform ensures that your organisation is taking proactive steps to really manage all of the differing processes and systems that a modern organisation must contend with today. Multitone i-Message will help you manage and control your consolidated communication system giving you greater management information so you can make more informed strategic decisions.

  • Monitoring and alarm management
  • GSM
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wide area Paging
  • Increasing staff protection and safety
  • Cordless Telephony
  • Smart devices and applications.

Why Multitone?
Multitone Electronics are communications specialists. We work with a number of differing technologies and partners. All designed to complement each other and give you the messaging options that fit your organisation and strategy. By including our product range in your communication mix we can offer you a robust communication system for your most demanding of working environments

Consolidation and Monitoring
Multitone i-Message combines all of your communication systems and devices onto one platform. By consolidating all of the communication equipment into a single source, monitoring of all activity is simplified and easier to audit. Multitone i-Message integrates the voice and messaging capabilities of all of your staff and equipment so you have a complete overview of all activity and actions. By keeping an automated, yet watchful eye, on all of your systems you are taking proactive steps in protecting not just your staff, but the assets and infrastructure of your organisation.

Any automated alarms raised or calls for assistance are automatically acknowledged and Multitone i-Message immediately contacts the most appropriate teams and calls them to action. Their availability and response is tracked so that you know what the action is and how it is being supported, there is never an issue with receiving the right information at the right time and getting the best team to assist.

Multitone i-Message has been designed to work in the most testing of environments, eg a hospital, where communication is essential to keeping all the differing aspects of this specialised arena working effectively. People’s lives are dependent upon the right help at the right time by the right staff.

Multitone i-Message was built with resilience as standard. Should any area of this system fail, there is an immediate and automatic backup and notification so messages and calls are not disrupted and faults can be rectified as soon as possible. This resilience works across multiple sites. On the rare occasion that part of a system may fail, control of that area can automatically be transferred to another site, without interruption, so your communication channels continue to function and your day to day business is not affected. This not only gives you peace of mind, but certainty.

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