Tellen Old Computer Image


In the beginning, there was paging and the technology of that day.

Tellen was a family run business developed out of the Ericson stable.
For More than 2 decades Tellen has supplied critical messaging platforms to 95% of the Public Hospitals in New Zealand, this was known as paging.
We continue this, as this is the most stable form of messaging.
When it comes to critical messaging our clients need flawless mediums.


We have maintained a fruitful and reliable relationship with our past health care clients, and we have taken Paging Technology into other industries.

Companies such as: Fonterra, Honeywell, Power Utilities, Water Utilities, Gen-I and NZ Corrections to name but a few, are key clients of Tellen Systems. We are proud to hold the leading technology brands and methods at our fingertips.
We are currently working alongside the biggest forces in Security, Safety, Hospitality and Wellbeing.

We are the face and support of Girbau technology driven laundry equipment.
Rated amongst the top 3 manufacturers globally.
Our diverse offerings fuse together with the smartness that drives these machines.
At Tellen we have many motto’s, our favourite being – “ If they say you can’t, we’ll show you how you can!”

Tellen - Future Image


When looking into the future, it’s clear that at TELLEN we believe in using technology alongside hardware devices, and creating a use and solution fitting to our customers requirements.
We only partner with best of breed. The applications for all of our products are vast in numbers and the benefits are widely reaped in many industries.
We are proudly Australasia’s major forerunner in Wireless Integration!