Active RFID Solutions

Tracking for assets, vehicles and people.

Tellen - Active RFID Solutions
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Iris, Fingerprint and/or Finger Vein and Print biometric technology.

Tellen - Biometrics DoorKeeper
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Duress & Lone Worker

Wireless personnel protection solution.

Tellen -Duress & Lone Worker
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GPS Patient Wanderer

Increase safety for your patients and residents.

Tellen - GPS Patient Wanderer
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Hand Held Devices

Effective communication can have a direct effect on safety, health or security.

Tellen - Handheld Devices
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Healthcare Real Time Location System

Visibility Solution and Analytics Portfolio.

Stanley Healthcare
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IP Nurse Call System

An IP system that seamlessly integrates with most other communications platforms.

Tellen - Hills IP Nurse Call Image
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Wireless Nurse Call

The wireless nurse call solution is inherently reliable and robust.

Tellen - Wireless Nurse Call
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Mobile Man-Down Devices

Personal safety and support in the work place.

Duress & Lone Worker
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Multitone i-Message

Auditing system which allows you to accurately report on the activities and incidents between people, machinery and processes.

Tellen - Multitone i-Message
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Patient Engagement

Hospital and Aged Care clinical interaction and operational workflow

Tellen - Patient Engagement
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RFID Laundry Management

Resident garment identification solution to quickly sort resident garments.

Tellen - Garment Management
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RFID Prevent Accidents

World’s best RFID Tracking for assets, vehicles and people.

Tellen - RFID Prevent Accidents
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Stentofon Wireless Communication

Interactive buildings with IP intercom and speakers.

Tellen - Stentofon Range
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Synchronous Clocks

The Primex Synchronous Network System (SNS) uses your facility’s current wired or wireless network infrastructure to provide synchronized time throughout your facilities.

Tellen Synchronous Clocks
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Temperature Control

Temperature sensors are used in food processing, environmental control, medical devices, chemical cold storage and critical refrigeration.

Tellen - Temperature Control
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GPS Watch Tracker

Our GPS device is designed to be a personal alarm for all ages, as well as a remote personal tracking device.

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